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Soon new reward for patrons of the Master level - New Adult Game Simulator【Prison Room +18】

I have been working on a new reward for all those enthusiasts who wanted something more in the Game Simulator. And this is a small test with some basic functions of what will be seen when entering the game for the first time, which was certainly a challenge to refactor all my rendering method to learn another, but I managed to learn a lot.♥
After a few days I learned to use better new functions of light and environment rendering, I liked how the result of skin tones reflected according to the environment where the character is.
About the game:
I'm still thinking about some things so I have loose ideas of what could be coming yet, but I'm following a main idea that is to bring together many of the characters that have seen in my blog or my YouTube channel, in a single environment by separate rooms, where you can choose which anime or video game girl you want to interact with different actions.
So far I do not know whether to limit the appointments with points in the game to make it more interesting or to leave them all free, there is still much to choose or change in the course, so I will take into account your recommendations   ヽ( ̄ω ̄(。。 )ゝ .
Game Input:
In the scene : 
  • Movement - "A - S - D -W"
  • Switch to free camera - "F"
  • Switch to surveillance camera -  "Click on the surveillance screen"
  • Rotate camera position - " Q and E" (Updated tracking with mouse ) 
  • Pointer visibility -  "Esc"  
  • Hide UI - "X"
  • Configure lights - "Light configuration scroll"
  • Hidden lights to investigate